Israel Tour Brochures for 2020 and 2021


Chris and Lindy Hill have arranged and led Bible tours of Israel for over forty years. The upcoming Spring Tour is their 103rd trip!  The Lord led Chris to this extensive ministry because he longed to introduce believers to the Land and the people.  His burden has always been to open up the Bible in the places where the great events and teachings originally happened.

There is a profound impact of the Word in people's minds and hearts when they are confronted by the actual places.

In order to preserve the intimacy of their groups, Chris and Lindy never take more than a bus-load.
The programme of visits is spaced in accordance with their experience through the years.
The fact that some tour members come back again and again must say something!

If believers have a love for the Scriptures, for the Land and for the People, a Chris and Lindy Bible Tour may well be the answer!

Blessings in the Lord Jesus
Download a PDF of the tour you wish to get more information about!
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