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Wednesday, 27 January 2016 06:29


To our Brethren in Jesus,

It is appropriate for me to commence by earnestly thanking you all for your much valued and appreciated prayers and support during the last year. This has been particularly true in light of my own health struggles with lympho-edema and the infectious cellulites in my lower limbs that easily cause recurrence. I have spent three stretches hospitalized in the UK & USA totaling nearly seven weeks since September when I very nearly went home to glory because of bilateral kidney and hepatic failure due to cellulite infection. I have since that time been hospitalized twice and had surgery in California plus a series of subcutaneous tissue ingrates above my ankle. My lower legs remain in compression castings and I undergo self administered lymphatic pump treatments daily plus, for the moment, a cocktail if medication. I frequently require crutches to be mobile.  The susceptibility to cellulite reinfection is high and the ramifications for my neck injury and restrictions on the hydro therapy I used to reduce reliance on anti-inflammatory agents is problematic. The anti inflammatory drugs, without which I experience extremely painful brachio-plexis and partial paralysis in my left arm, are contra-indicated for other medications I am required to take. Yet The Lord has allowed this.

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Friday, 15 November 2013 07:19

International State of Moriel 2013-2014

Blessings in Jesus to all of our brethren with much gratitude in Christ for your prayers and support as we approach the arrival of 2014 and close of the present year (actually the Jews in Moriel observe two New Years, the secular one and Rosh Hashanah and/or the 1st of Nissan).

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Wednesday, 09 May 2012 11:03

The Moral Inversion of NZ Evangelicalism

May 6, 2012
Perry Trotter

As the persecution of Christians in Egypt, Syria, Sudan and Iraq intensifies, for many Western Christian aid agencies it is apparently not a high priority. Here in New Zealand it is not the ongoing expulsion or murder of Middle East Christians that is given special attention by Tear Fund and World Vision "“ rather, it is the one nation in the region in which religious freedom is guaranteed regardless of race.

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In the mercies of Jesus no one known to us was among the victims in the double barrel earthquakes in Christchurch (nor in Japan where we had a contingent of Moriel contacts).

In the initial hours after the second earthquake we scrambled amidst our prayers to get word that our associates in that city were alright. We know Jesus warned of a unique increase in seismic activity as a sign of His Return, but it would be difficult not to attribute some spiritually emblematic significance to the fate of the Anglican cathedral given the utterly backslidden state of that institution. It has already caved in morally, doctrinally, and spiritually so I suppose the cathedral's demise is simply a reflection of those painful realities, although I wish Anglicans no personal ill and I grieve for the victims of that horrific dual tragedy.

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by Jacob Prasch

That Laidlaw College (formerly Bible College of New Zealand) has departed from its scripturally Evangelical origins into spiritual and doctrinal bankruptcy is a view I find widely held by many Scripture-believing Kiwi Evangelicals. Indeed, with its present senior lecturer Philip Church, I cannot help but make the case that its perceived abandonment of its heritage into the abject realm of compromise with increasing liberal theological influence is now being followed by an academic and ethical devaluation into non-comprehensive exegesis and revisionism with regard to the anti-Israel position of Mr. Church in his factually and doctrinally erroneous Christ at The Checkpoint article.

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Wednesday, 04 August 2010 21:43

Letter to Elim National Leader

Saturday, July 03, 2010 - 03:44 PM

Recently New Zealand's national press was awash with a story about a disabled, wheel chair bound man who had given his life savings to an Elim Church. An appeal to the Elim church's pastor, by the management of the man's hospital care facility, fell on deaf ears. The witness to the world in general was of a rapacious church willing to take all the money it could get from a man they knew to be disabled and obviously in more need of the money than the Elim church. Truth Watch remonstrated directly with the pastor and also sent the following letter to each member of the Elim movement's national board. Meantime the church, smarting under the unwanted limelight, returned the bulk of the poor man's money, but the damage had been done. The best response we could get from the Elim Board was a stilted, ad hominen response, from the board's chair; "You guys must live sad lives". Of course, we are sad, but not in the sense intended by the Chair. Everytime the Gospel of Jesus Christ is trampled in the mud of church sponsored greed, we weep.

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Thursday, 29 April 2010 21:30

An Open Letter to Western Leaders

For publication in the Adelaide Advertiser. Thanks heaps.
Anthony Doanghey

Dear Editor,

I've noticed there have been a lot of articles of late concerning the West's condemnation of Israeli policy, especially policies that supposedly interfere with the current Peace Talks. And as President Obama and his administration has recently been most verbal of this kind of criticism, I believe there is a real danger of Prime Minister Rudd following suit, as there seems to be a sad and sorry history of Australian politicians playing "follow the leader" when it comes to American policies, especially Foreign Policy, the Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan Wars would be fair examples to drive home this particular point.

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by Jackie Alnor
Apostasy Alert


In analyzing a book that promotes itself as a manual on "how to become a part of the supernatural generation," it must be approached with prayer and humility. The temptation to condemn everything in the book risks trampling upon holy things. John Crowder, in his book "Miracle Workers, Reformers and the New Mystics" mixes the holy with the profane. Discerning between the two, especially in gray areas, is a giant task for any believer to take on.

So this analysis will highlight the spiritual quicksand in the book so that fellow pilgrims won't fall into the mire, just like the two travelers in the book, "Pilgrim's Progress" put up a road sign warning others not to go the way leading to the slough of despond.

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Tuesday, 12 May 2009 21:19

Encounter with Vicky Dillen

Moriel recently received the following email:

Brother Jacob,

I have recently had a very rude and unexpected introduction to Vicky Dillen's blog. In my 38 years of being in the Lord, I have rarely encountered such a blatant "root of bitterness" in my spiritual life, and that's saying something considering my life experiences. After a series of unintended unpleasant exchanges, I managed to earn a sort of "red badge of courage" and was banned from further participation for a season. Somehow, I think I'll get over the disappointment. An unteachable teacher is quite unseemly, and before I look at anyone else in this regard, I must first look at myself, endeavoring to take Paul's admonition to Timothy to heart, "Pay close attention to yourself and to your teaching." Their website states, "People are free to believe what they want." What they fail to state [is] that it only applies as long as you are in agreement with them.

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Wednesday, 06 May 2009 00:52

Elim Temple Bible Institute Appointment

Exposed Homosexual Scandal Preacher Appointed to Direct Elim's Kinsington Temple Bible Institute

by Jacob Prasch

Roberts Liardon, the publicly exposed homosexual preacher and the defender of heretic William Branham and of Oral Roberts' 900 foot tall Jesus threatening to kill Roberets if he did not come up with millions of dollars by the end of the month to save Robert's now defunct medical institution, is now appointed to run Elim's Kensington Temple Bible institute.

I once walked out in front of 3.000 people when Liardon was ranting his nonsense in Bournemouth and I once watched him on TV in Califiornia defend the maniacal antics of Oral Roberts and his 900 foot tall Jesus Christ threatening to kill him if he didn't cough up the cash by the end of the month.

For years I warned about former ballet dancer Colin Dye's association with this proven homosexual preacher. Not that it made a bit of difference to Wynn Lewis (now standing before the judgment seat of Christ to give account for his relentless promotion of the Toronto Deception and feeding the Lord's sheep to wolves like Morris Cerullo). Neither did it make a difference to the Elim establishment such as John Smith, Gordon Hills, and Elim's elder statesman John Lancashire.

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