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Tuesday, 10 May 2011 19:41

Israel Independence Day

An Israel Independence Day Message from Moriel's partner ministry at the J Ranch, California

As I think on the Jews in Israel today, I know they will soon be celebrating Yom ha-Azma'ut(or Israel Independence Day).

I can't help but grieve for they do not know true freedom nor ever will until they know Y'shua, Jesus!

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Friday, 06 May 2011 09:33

The Unpromised Land

By Richard Gibson

Is the modern state of Israel God's great mistake?

In recent years some Christian ministers have been seeking to convince Christians, Muslims and non-religious people around the world that the State of Israel is in no sense, part of God's plan for the world let alone fulfilment of any Bible prophecy. It seems that many modern Augustinian Supercessionist theologians consider that the millions of Jews who live in Israel are there by theological accident and are flaunting the will of God and must be stopped! The growth of the Israeli Messianic Jewish community is virtually ignored by these good folk. It is more than a little distasteful that clergy would spend their time in theological daydreams about the end of the modern State of Israel, ignoring all that would mean for millions of Jews already living there, they would "solve" one refugee problem by creating another one. Some modern commentators resurrect elements of Crusader theology in order the wrestle the promises of the land away from the Jewish people and, this time in a strange twist, give it to "˜Saladin' rather than take it for Christendom.

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Murder Occurs as the Hands of Islamic Terror in Israel

It is with profound regret that we are informed that Mary Gardener, the British victim murdered by Muslim terrorists yesterday in the explosion that injured dozens of people in Jerusalem, was an Evangelical Christian missionary to Togo in Africa. She was on academic furlough in Israel studying Hebrew for purposes related to her ministry. This was accompanied by rocket attacks on Ashdod and Rishon L'Tzion and the brutal murder of a Jewish family including including two small children and a baby by the Muslims in Samaria.

Some call Islam a religion of peace and others call it a murdering heathen terrorist religion of Satan. Indeed, there are jihadist Muslim fundamentalists calling it a terrorist religion themselves. As believers in Jesus we must love our enemies and pray for the salvation of both Muslims and Jews. Mary is now with her Savior who will avenge her death with the fire of hell unless they repent and believe.

We urge prayer for her mission board and for her family and for God's swift justice for her Islamic murderers. Please pray for the protection of Israel and God's Hand against  those in the media, politics, and even in the so-called church who defend these enemies of Christians and Jews.

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Friday, 18 March 2011 07:40

Arad Demonstration TV Report

to see more of what happened at the recent Arad demonstration made by Israeli TV with English subtitles.

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Tuesday, 15 March 2011 07:35

Scenes From a Massacre

March 13, 2011

Caroline Glick and Carl in Jerusalem draw attention to this video depicting the massacre of the Fogel family on the West Bank this past Friday by Palestinian Arab terrorists. They note that YouTube and Facebook removed the video within two hours. Why?

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Tuesday, 15 March 2011 07:21

Prophets Who Prophesy in My Name

March 2011
by Paul Wilkinson

Christian Palestinianism and the anti-Israel Crusade

Please click here to read the article "Prophets Who Prophesy in My Name" in a pdf file

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This story in the L.A. Times is but one of many which report that if the Unites States had not vetoed a U.N. Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlements in the West Bank that it would have passed unanimously.

While we have been openly critical of the changes in U.S. policy toward Israel by current and past administrations, we think it important to applaud and affirm those times when they do the right thing. We encourage Christians, whenever possible, to not just contact the White House or political representatives to express outrage over bad decisions, but to make a concerted effort as in this case to tell them directly how much we appreciate their taking the right stand on behalf of Israel in spite of overwhelming opposition. It is important that we be as enthusiastic in our support of the right decisions as we are passionate in airing our concerns over the bad ones.

Please make use of this opportunity to provide our political leadership with a positive affirmation to further encourage them. The Internet makes it very easy to contact the White House, your Senators, or any member of the House of Representatives.

Moriel Ministries

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Sunday, 13 February 2011 08:44

Terms of Offense?

A Polite Response To The  Comments In Charisma Magazine By Brother Eitan Shishkoff

(J. Jacob Prasch, Moriel Ministries)

My own family are Israeli-Jewish believers. My wife is the daughter of Holocaust survivors who immigrated to Israel as a child and our children were both born in Galilee. My wife divides her time between Great Britain and Israel (from where she has just returned) due to family reasons, and our son, a law graduate, completed IDF military service last year and now divides his time between Tel Aviv and my native New York due to his legal services business. In my youth I attended both the Jewish Community Center (at the behest of my father) and a Roman Catholic school (at the behest of my Gentile mother) before becoming a believer and I perceive matters from both a Messianic Jewish and Gentile Christian perspective, from both an Israeli and a diasporic perspective, and a Hebrew-speaking as well as English-speaking perspective. Our ministry operates  branches in several countries including Israel where we financially support evangelistic ministry, local congregations, and assist needy believers. It is with this background that I respectfully take some issue with Eitan Shishkoff's comments to an article published in Charisma magazine concerning Israeli-Jewish believers not wanting to be identified as "Christian" and not having "become" Christians.

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Wednesday, 02 February 2011 10:51

Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia, Etc.

Anti-American international leftist and former UN bureaucrat Mohammed ElBaradei who pandered to Iran on its quest for the development of nuclear weapons and who wants to recognize the terrorist organization Hamas is true to his opportunist self, wanting Hosni Mubarak's job.

After Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration did nothing to support the attempted Green Revolution to overthrow Ahmadinejad in Iran. The Muslim world knows that Obama is a weak, inexperienced, inept, and unqualified leader who is in over his head and above his ability who only knows about effective politics not effective policy. As in Iran in 1979, a popular revolution is quickly being hijacked by Islamist extremists while Obama and Clinton replay the legacy of  Jimmy Carter when the Shah fell. Carter saw double digit stagflation and a disastrous foreign policy emblematic of a perceived weakness of the United States while being humiliated by terrorist Iran. Now Obama has a failed economic policy buried in almost insurmountable debt and a disastrously weak foreign policy coming on top of it. Old mistakes are repeated.

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Wednesday, 24 November 2010 03:15

A Question of Authentic Messianic Identity

The following was forwarded to Moriel:

Jews for Jesus came to our Church this weekend -- Joel Chernoff (Messianic Praise Concert) on Friday evening (11/19/2010). One of his opening songs was 'Messiah to Come' -- to cleanse everyone. 2 speakers sharing the platform with him was Major General Eyal Ben Reuven (not saved) and Eeki Elner (The Founder of Israel's Leadership Institute) also not saved.

Is the 'Hebrew Movement' part of the Dominionism we are seeing in these last days? I believe most of it was about 'How to make this world a better one' and raise money for the Israel Leadership Institute.

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