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Sunday, 25 December 2011 09:08

Sister Linn Elliot

Motor Neuron Disease , one of the most cruel diseases known to man, doesn't realise it yet but because of the triumph of Jesus over death it has lost its battle for the life of Sister Linn Elliot who went to be with Jesus to await her resurrected body that will be disease free. Disease and death are defeated and irrevocably doomed by the power of Jesus in whom Linn trusted and believed. 

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Wednesday, 07 December 2011 01:06

Thanks to our Readers Regarding Revelation TV

Thanks to our readers regarding the Revelation TV desecration by Howard and Lesley Condor and Gordon Pettie and blessings to those who will no longer financially support Revelation TV due to it's promotion of anti-scriptural apostate lunacy.

We thank our readers for the avalanche of supportive letters we have received supporting our disassociation from Revelation TV due to its propagation of ecumenism with Rome, Seventh Day Adventism, and the hype artistry money preaching of Jesse Duplantis.

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Tuesday, 06 December 2011 03:10

Israel Bible Study Tour with Jacob Prasch 2012

Bible study tours to Israel and other biblical lands with Jacob Prasch emphasize spiritual, theological, and doctrinal content. Unlike most tours, we avoid becoming pilgrimages, devotional tours, or vacation packages. We visit places of biblical importance and proven archaeological and historical veracity, steering clear of tourist traps and unsubstantiated "holy" sites.

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Monday, 26 September 2011 23:44

New "Jacob Prasch" Channel on YouTube

Moriel Ministries has initiated the Jacob Prasch Channel on YouTube. While we appreciate those who have previously posted Jacob's sermons in their own channels or under their own accounts (and would encourage you to continue to do so), it is important for those familiar with Moriel Ministries to understand what we are specifically attempting to do in this particular instance.

We are specifically making an effort to reach the unsaved, particularly that demographic which is most attracted to YouTube. Most of us old timers find it surprising to learn that the U.S. 18-35 year-old population spends more time on YouTube than all other media outlets combined, even television. I have seen this in my own household where a couple of twenty-somethings spend hours on any given day on their laptops with YouTube, even while sitting in front of the television.

For this particular segment of the unsaved population, we do not believe they will appreciate having to try and watch each of 15 parts of a sermon or something which requires more than an hour's worth of attention.  By definition, what appeals to them are short videos that are self-contained. So what we are specifically trying to do is excerpt short clips (less than 10 minutes max) which in and of themselves address a whole topic. We hope you will understand that this particular endeavor is intended as an outreach to the unsaved and that you will link unsaved friends and family to these video clips as appropriate.

Finally, for those of you who have already come across the channel, please be assured that Jacob is not ignoring your YouTube requests to be "friends" or to in turn subscribe to your own channels. Jacob is not actually running the channel as it is being handled by ministry volunteers. Don't take it personally that we are ignoring all such requests; we are merely trying to upload relevant content from Jacob's sermons. If you're even vaguely aware of Jacob's globe-trotting speaking schedule, you know he couldn't possibly have time to undertake something like this personally.

Please pray that we can contextualize the Gospel in a manner that will reach a generation whose culture and worldview is different from our own.

In Him,

Moriel Ministries

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Tuesday, 13 September 2011 11:56

Women on the Watch Conference

Women on the Watch Conference

Calvary Chapel Cypress
5202 Lincoln Avenue
Cypress, California
714 "“ 236-1288
September 16-17, 2010

Watch LIVE Online at http://www.calvarychapelcypress.net/live_stream.html Pacific Standard Time

"Dangers, Toils & Snares in the End Times"


7 :00"“ 7:15
Worship & Welcome
Jennifer Lawson & Brittney Quintana

7:15 "“ 8:00
What is the real mission of the Church?
Chris Quintana

Political Correctness: the Culture War
Jackie Alnor

9:00 "“ 9:50
Effects of the Occult & Syncretism
Johanna Michaelsen


Meet & Greet - Tables

The Shaking Begins
Deborah Menelaws

New Age Apostate Church
Caryl Matrisciana

12:30 "“ 2:00
Lunch Break

2:00- 2:15
Jennifer Lawson
& Brittney Quintana

Joel's Army Goes Mainstream
Sarah Leslie

3:15 "“ 4:00
Did God really say?
Deborah Menelaws

4:10 "“ 5:00
Preview of "The Daniel Project"
Deborah Menelaws

5:00 "“ 7:00
Dinner Break

7:00 - 7:15
Jennifer Lawson
& Brittney Quintana

7:15 - 8:00
Spiritual Apathy in a Lukewarm Church
Jackie Alnor

8:15 - 9:00
Mysticism: East meets West
Caryl Matrisciana

9:15 "“10:00
Means of Freedom from Occult
Johanna Michaelsen


6:00 "“ 8:00
Screening "Wide is the Gate" followed by Q&A with Producer Caryl Matrisciana, and featured experts:Chris Quintana and Johanna Michaelsen

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The latest edition of the Moriel Quarterly newsletter featured Jacob's sermon, "Once Saved, Always Saved?" and we have received a lot of requests for additional copies. You can now direct friends to read the whole sermon online here or you can download and email them an Adobe PDF version of the sermon.

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Saturday, 23 July 2011 12:05

Watch Jacob Now on Revelation TV


Live on August 16th & 17th, 2011 on Revelation TV at 9 PM (British Time)

(UK, Ireland, Spain and Internet Web cast)

Also available by streaming live webcast:

3 PM Central Time
2 PM Mountain Time
1 PM Pacific Time

10PM in Israel, Early morning in Australia, Singapore, New Zealand & Japan

Viewers are invited to email questions on scriptural issues to Jacob Prasch for live broadcast/webcast response hosted by Howard Condor. The email address is provided at the beginning of the program.

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Live on Thursday July 21, 2011 on Revelation TV at 10 PM (British Time)

(UK, Ireland, Spain and Internet Web cast)

Also available by streaming live webcast:

4 PM Central Time
3 PM Mountain Time
2 PM Pacific Time

11PM in Israel, Early morning in  Australia, Singapore, New Zealand & Japan

Viewers are invited to email questions on scriptural issues to Jacob Prasch for live broadcast/webcast response hosted by Howard Condor. The email address is provided at the beginning of the program.

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Thursday, 23 June 2011 01:05

Electronic Versions of Jacob's Books

The following books are now available for purchase through Amazon for use on the Kindle eBook reader. (Prices will vary from those listed due to fluctuations in the exchange rate.)  Most of these are, or course, available in print through each of the Moriel online stores. We will be working on other electronic formats in the near future as well. (Note: Non-U.S. prices subject to change due to fluctuations in the exchange rate.)

The Daniel Factor
Amazon USA ($5.99)
Amazon UK ( £ 4.24)
Amazon DE ( € 4,85)

Shadows of the Beast
Amazon USA ($9.99)
Amazon UK (£6.96)
Amazon DE (€8,03)

The Dilemma of Laodicea
Amazon USA ($8.99)
Amazon UK (£6.29)
Amazon DE (€7,21)

The Final Words of Jesus & Satan's Lies Today
Amazon USA ($7.99)
Amazon UK (£5.67)
Amazon DE (€6,43)

Grain for the Famine
Amazon USA ($7.99)
Amazon UK (£5.66)
Amazon DE (€6,41)

More Grain for the Famine
Amazon USA ($7.99)
Amazon UK (£5.66)
Amazon DE (€6,41)

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Jacob Prasch's book on the seven churches of Revelation, The Dilemma of Laodicea, is now available for purchase through Amazon for the Kindle ebook reader. It can be found on the USA site here for $8.99 or here on the UK site for £6.29. The old-fashioned paperback version is available from each of the Moriel online stores from the country nearest you.

We are working on making Jacob's other books likewise available through this medium and will let you know when we have done so.

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