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Saturday, 07 January 2012 02:38

The Death of Ted Pike's Wife

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by James Jacob Prasch

Having watched his videos I find it impossible to regard Ted Pike as anything other than a demonically influenced anti Semite.

As an evangelist to the Jews I have denounced talmudic Judaism, pointed to the Time of Jacob's Trouble and antichrist deception coming on modern Israel, warned Cabala is demonic occult gnosticism, and lamented the unbelief of God's ancient people. But I have done this with the burden of Christ for their salvation knowing God's love for them and for Abraham's other lost children the Arabs.

I have also however lamented the backslidden state of most of the church including much of contemporary evangelicalism. Why Pike's obsession with assailing the Jews and Israel? Is Christendom any better or different? Notions of Jewish supremacy are largely nonsense only held by an ultra orthodox minority who mostly do not even like other Jews. The one true church claims of Roman Catholicism and the elitism of Mormonism and Jehovah's Witnesses are the same and the Dhimmitude of the infidel in Islam is worse. Again, why obsession with the Jews? Why does Pike single them out and endlessly rage against them and against Israel which has the best human rights record and is the most protective society of its Christian population in the Middle East?. You are better off being a Christian in Israel than in Saudi Arabia or Iran or even Jordan and Egypt. Yet he targets Israel compulsively. Worse still is his conspiracy theory lunacy which at times appears psychotic. There are more non Jews in the international banking and industrial power structure than there are Jews and just as many Gentile media moguls even in Hollywood. There seems to be nothing Ted Pike does not misrepresent or distort in his bigoted bias. His mishandling of scripture is an exegetical farce. Not that I reject demonic activity (I have witnessed clearly demonic manifestations with shamans and witch doctors in our ministry in the Third World myself) but his claims of weird visions of demons whom he seems to imply assassinated his wife makes me question his discernment if not his sanity.

From Texe Marrs to Rick Godwin to Stephen Sizer to Barbara Aho, Victoria Dillen and Wendy Howard and Wendy Buester to Bill and Lyn Hybels there is no shortage of people professing to be 'Evangelical' who have a problem with Israel and with Jews. It doesn't dawn on them that one day they will stand in judgment before a Jewish Messiah who will consequently have a problem with them. In the meantime, Genesis 12:1-3 remains as true as it ever did and the predictions of Jesus for the return of The Jews to Jerusalem (Luke 21:24, Matthew 23:29, Zechariah 12: 1-10) have come to pass despite the disapproval of Ted Pike, Stephen Sizer, the late John Stott and their sad ilk.

I do not know if the death of Ted Pike's wife is a divine judgment or not. It is not for me to say. But if it is, I take no delight in it. I would have far rather preferred that they repented. Yet by making himself the enemy of Israel and the Jews he has placed himself at odds with the God of the Jews and it is a fight that Ted Pike cannot possibly win.

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