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  1. Stuart Menelaws with no proof inserts a parenthetical allegation that 'I threatened' his wife. I of course never threatened anyone.
  1. Stuart Menelaws web posted an edited video clip of myself and David Nathan in an open public attempt to perpetrate slander, bear false witness, and mislead the Christian viewership, As the unedited original video proved is another defamatory lie in which he was caught publicly.
  2. Knowing the teaching of David Nathan was heretical, denying the eternal nature of the New Covenant and efficacy of the Blood of Christ, and denying God The Father its the Creator, GV 24/7 and Bethel Communications continued to publicly defend and promote David Nathan anyway. Moriel had to remove him as a member of our team. The Christian public thought we agreed with him.
  3. In the process of their support of this heresy , a tide of defamatory vitriol was unleashed against myself and Moriel by Deborah Menlaws on Social Media. As stated, they attacked me - we never attacked them. It was a war we clearly stated before it began that we DID NOT WANT. Stuart & Deborah Menlaws however did want it. We merely responded having had no option.
  4. Deborah Menelaws has since posted vile captions of me as a baby playing with toys on her Facebook page and openly endorsed a ministry as being from God that supports the David Nathan teaching that God t.he Father never created anything and also the antichrist false teaching that it will be possible to accept the mark of the beast and still become saved and go to heaven. We again merely responded to her public endorsement of such dangerous and demonic antichrist heresy.
  5. Studio Scotland persuaded myself and other believers that we should appear in their films gratis as unto The Lord for evangelistic reasons. I / we agreed to do the films without any remuneration, while the non believers in the films however were of course paid. The films were then commercially sold to Hollywood and one of them onto communist China preventing its evangelistic use in that country. We regard this as disgusting and unethical. We repeatedly requested that Stuart & Deborah Menials and their various companies cease selling films featuring me. They have refused but still profit on the sale of material featuring me while simultaneously denouncing me.
  6. The false claim that Studio Scotland followed or is following Matthew 18 is absolutely bogus and another demonstrable lie. While Moriel attempted in a meeting in Lon Angeles to convince Nathan Nathan to retract his heresy before being forced by his refusal to separate from him, at no point was Matthew 18 followed by Stuart & Deborah Menelaws. If they believed we were wrong in our action in responding to heretical false teaching, they should have indeed come to me or to Moriel on the basis of Matthew 18, but did not do so. Instead they responded with a webcast attack in staged solidarity with David Nathan and showed an edited film clip completely misrepresenting the actual situation. We wish they had followed Matthew 18, but they did not. It is yet another lie.
  7. If Studio Scotland wanted or wants to meet all they needed or need to do is remove recorded material featuring me from their catalogue. We consider them unethical and we not want material featuring myself marketed by an organization that promotes and defends heresy. They may merchandise all of the heresy they wish, but "Leave Me Out Of It". A very reasonable request.


As we stated, it is their war. We emailed them at the onset that we wanted no war. Our problem was with the heretical false teaching disseminated by David Nathan while he was a member of Moriel. We have indeed asked if Stuart Menlaws wants to end this un-necessary conflict that we told them we did not want, before the next round which can only get needlessly uglier. . We never wanted this conflict to begin with. They assaulted us and did so slanderously and with malicious intent with an edited film clip. There was no following of Matthew 18.
Making the most desperate efforts in avoidance and circumlocution of the actual issues. Very clearly these4 issues are their being propagators of, and apologists for - utterly heretical dogma, Studio Scotland has taken the Ad Hominem reaction of attempted character assassination because they cannot justify the false doctrine of Da§v id Nathan they promulgated. Likewise, the commercial sale to Hollywood of Christian films built around an evangelistic narrative of myself which I did 'pro bono' as unto The Lord for evangelistic reasons while the non believers were paid, and the re-sale to communist China is in the thinking of most honest Christians calling us an indefensible and shameful disgrace.
We only want Studio Scotland to stop selling films of me. The transcript shows that we asked for peace. It is their war & their call.

Sincerely in Christ,
J. Jacob Prasch (Moriel)


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